In 2013, a few morning strolls through the Grand Marina with my two dogs quickly revealed the need for some sort of awesome coffee service. The people working and living in the marina clearly had to drive somewhere for their morning cup of joe. I started daydreaming about waking up on a beautiful morning, stepping off the boat and walking only a few hundred feet to get that morning jolt of heavenly goodness. Hell, while I was indulging, I decided to add a blueberry cream cheese danish or cheddar rosemary scone to that daydream. Ahhh, now that’s the life!

From that point forward, my delicious daydream turned into a 2-year permit nightmare. But, when you have a dream, you have to schlep through some mud, right? And schlep I did! Through all the hard work, piles of paperwork and crafty begging, I bring you Mosley’s Café.

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